About Baris Benefits Group

Baris Benefits Group was built with our client in mind.

At Baris Benefits Group, we specialize in comprehensive benefits packages for employers and their employees. We are an independent benefits company that does not have any proprietary products.

It is the intent of Baris Benefits Group to align ourselves with our clients to become an integral part of their success and growth in the future. Our primary focus is on the service and satisfaction of our clients. We treat every client with the same courtesy and professionalism regardless of size.

What sets Baris Benefits Group apart from our competitors is a consistent, repeatable, annual renewal process that ensures our clients the same level of care and service year after year.

We do this by seeking to work with many partner providers that offer the most up-to-date, creative products for our clients in an ever-changing landscape. Each year, we go back to the marketplace and make sure that the products and services still fit our clients’ needs.

With over 35 years of experience, we are a partner you can trust for dedicated and knowledgeable service in all aspects of employee benefits.