Our Benefits

Partner with us to attract and keep top talent for your company. 

We provide diverse and customizable benefits options that will give you an edge on your competition as well as saving you and your company thousands.

Benefits Selection Overview

Group Health Benefits

Baris Benefits Group is your one-stop shop for Group Health Insurance Options. Whether it is traditional group coverage or a Level Funded Hybrid Insurance plan, we have many options to fit your needs. Given the current health insurance environment, a popular alternative is a Hybrid plan that allows our clients to save anywhere from 15-25% off their current insurance premiums, plus earn up to 40% of those premiums back at the end of the year!

Many employers are looking to take care of and retain their employees. One of the most effective ways to do this is through a benefits package that is competitive in the marketplace. At Baris Benefits Group we work with employers, small and large, to develop unique benefits packages that are competitively priced and of great value to their employees.

Group Employer Paid Benefits
Group Voluntary Benefits

The third leg of the benefits stool encompasses individual voluntary benefits. At Baris Benefits Group we understand that businesses have employees with varying needs. It is hard to offer and pay for every benefit their employees want. Baris Benefits Group works with employees to offer a suite of products that they voluntarily enroll in to have customized options to fit the needs of them and their families.

A Few Providers We Work With